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Hydroclean - Your air duct cleaner service

The expert for clean air

Hydroclean is a qualified company, operated nationwide, for the cleaning of ambient air, air, and process air technology systems. We are certified according to VDI 6022 and we use the latest technology to provide hygienic cleanliness in ventilation and air conditioning systems of all types and dimensions. We have as much in-depth experience with industrial ventilation technology as with kitchen exhaust systems or hospital ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Clean ambient air systems

Benefits of clean ambient air duct systems

rlt anlageRegular cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems provides clean air for breathing without odours. The wellbeing and performance of employees are maintained. Clean ambient air increases the service life of precision-mechanical machines and electronic instruments in ventilated or air conditioned rooms. Clean air ducts and exhausts considerably reduce fire hazards. Cleanliness maintains the maximum efficiency of the air duct system. This warrants economic operation, and reduces the necessity of repairs. Regular cleaning provides legal safety for the operator by compliance with applicable regulations.


Requirements to air duct systems and operators

rlt anlage2Air duct systems are subject to many productive as well as legal requirements. Regular cleaning warrants economic operation as well as health protection and safety. The standard VDI 6022 for instance requires that operators regularly service and clean the systems to optimize health protection and system safety. Other regulations and directives for special areas (such as kitchens, hospitals etc.) complete the range of regulations, and they are the foundation of legally safe operation of air ducts and air conditioning systems.

VDI 2052 Excerpts from "RLT-Anlagen für Küchen/Air ducts for kitchens" - Fire protection, operation and maintenance
hydroclean, a company of   kebos group 90px