dflw logoEvent reminder: 5th DFLW-Symposium at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe

The 5th Symposium of the DFLW - Deutschen Fachverband für Luft- und Wasserhygiene takes places on October 16 and 17, as always at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe.

The header of the congress is sustainable building and technical hygiene. Further to the presentation of the future quality label sustainable building, awarded by DGNB e.V. conjunction with the German Building Agency, topics like sustainable facility management and the hygiene status of drinking water installations will be discussed from the authoritative perspective. The presentation”Biologically stable water – the potential of reoccurrence of germs at drinking water manifolds is measureable!” also promises interesting findings.

vds logo 282pxVdS-congress: Fire protection in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Building law, planning, operations and maintenance

In order to warrant people can stay in buildings for longer periods of time, large building structures require special ambient air technology concepts defining supply and exhaust air as well as air conditioning.
Under safety-technology requirements, the systems have to be designed and dimensioned in a way to exclude the spread of fumes or fire to adjacent or farer away rooms or floors. For realization of these protection targets, the directive on fire-protection technology requirements to ventilation systems (LüAR) have to be complied with.

In case of fire, lines and machine systems are used to evacuate fumes. This short list already shows the special relevance of ambient air technology. The target of this VdS-congress is to work out the focal points of damage prevention, to discuss and investigate them, and to propose solutions.

On October 30 2008 at Cologne, Residenz am Dom