Cleaning of hospital ventilation systems

klinik abluft verschmutzt
Hospital ventilation before cleaning
klinik abluft sauber
Hospital ventilation after cleaning

The air in hospital is subject to special cleanliness requirements due to hygiene and microbiological reasons. Room class I (for instance OP-theatres, intensive wards, sterile rooms) has very high requirements to low germ counts. DIN 1946 and VDI 6022 list the requirements. Newly installed ambient air systems are subject to an acceptance test. During this final hygiene inspection, the contamination level of systems and ventilation lines is examined. If too much dust has been introduced into the system during the construction phase, the system might not be accepted, creating financial losses for the hospital. Experience shows that it is not possible to fully protect ambient air systems against dust during construction activities. Therefore we always recommend final cleaning of the system and the line network prior to putting into operation. Of course it is also possible to disinfect the cleaned system parts. The frequent exchange of textiles and laundry causes a lot of textile fibres in exhaust lines. Such fibres reduce the air flow and create a great fire hazards. They should be removed regularly.


Cleaning of hospital ventilation systems (German, PDF)