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Cleaning of process air exhaust systems

Contaminated process air exhaust line
Contaminated process air exhaust line

Process air means exhaust air from machines in the production process.

Depending on the production environment, unconsumed substances or products of conversion are transported with the exhaust air from the machine.

Following substances might be transported:

  • Caustic substances
  • Hazardous or toxic substances
  • Explosive substances
  • Oily or lubricating residues
  • Self-inflammatory substances

This frequently creates sediments in the lines. If contamination is strong, air volumes might be reduced, machines might malfunction, and the production process is at risk. Frequently, residues are combustible, and represent an additional fire hazard. Cleaning of such lines raises high requirements to the qualified company, and necessitates higher efforts:

  • Lines are often smaller than in ventilation technology
  • Lines cannot be opened where desired
  • System standstill is expensive, there is not much time for cleaning 
  • Residues are often hard to identify, their hazards are not known
  • Application of ex-protected cleaning instruments is frequently required 
  • Aggressive residues might affect cleaning instruments
  • Dust explosions have to be prevented
  • Toxic or caustic gases might be released during cleaning that cannot be caught in filters
  • Residues might stick fast to the lines, cleaning tools from classic cleaning of ventilation systems are not suited
  • Collected dirt has to be dumped as special waste

Such ducts should only be cleaned by a qualified company. Prior to taking up the work, the responsible people from operations have to be involved to warrant good planning of the job.


Cleaning of process air exhaust systems (German, PDF)

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